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STJcugkee 19.02.2012 17:23
I don't get to stay in 5 star hleots when I,m in Egypt but I always leave as much of my extra luggage as possible at the hotel 3 or 4 star.As long as thereis T.V. and A/C,I don't worry about the mini bar and pool/gym extras. In the 4 years Ive been going at(least once a year),I have never had anthing lost or stolen when I have left luggage stored. Sometimes it may be there for up to a month or so.A tip to management and the porters who put it in storage and then get it back is all its ever costs me. I think hleots in Egypt are used to this type of arrangement.Especially those who deal with organised tours as there is a limit that can be taken on a minibus,trains or smaller aircraft, etc. I'm not sure about the airport situation,there are two international airports in Cairo,referred to as the Old and New Airports.Some flights come in via one and leave from the other.So you would have to really check out which you will be using.Both are places of sheer chaos! I would check with the hotel you have booked at. I really don't see why being a 5 star should make any difference.Luggage storage should be available,but the tips you will be expected to pay at 5 stars will be higher.That is to be expected.I wouldn't try leaving it at Ramses(the main train station)or enlisting help from any travel agents you don't know.They will be able to get your luggage stored for you, but it will cost! Sadly a lot of the local based agents/guides are very dodgy,and best treated with caution.This is because of lack of qualifications and regulations regarding the tourism industry.But it is getting better.


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