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lhczTQZu 19.02.2012 22:06
BIOMASS BRIQUETTES.Thanks for the great work your are doing in Uganda that befinets mostly women and girl child and saving the rate at which Uganda's primary forests are being cut.Iam Kiconco Hilda from Mbarara district in one of the Community Based Organization we have registered last year. Iam also trying to produce briquettes using hands but the technology is still low with law or no funds to improve my/our project in briquette making as the group. Iam looking for people's contacts who are skilled and knowledgeable in the sector and lovingly to improve our project to higher standards of medium production or large scale to help the surrounding community in Kamukuzi division and Mbarara at large as the materials like charcoal dust and sawdust are in abundant in Mbarara Town and its surrounding towns.I have been searching on the net for available machines and ideas in Uganda until today when i have read about Henly of Rubaare.If am given his contacts, iam ready to visit him and share the ideas.Can i also get the contacts of David Levai and Lesley for a discussion mainly mobile tel. no.sHilda Kiconco of KAMUKUZI BAKYARA TWEKAMBE BAGABE GROUP' on 0779805897/0752883300.Thanks and hope to here from you any time.


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