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HxBZMqZuzxpipA 19.02.2012 13:40
Kudos. Our Ugandan women have come so far in such a long time. Since 1962, 47 years after the Uganda Independence we have such a small no. in the hihger echelons of learning. However, I would like to congratulate these women who have proved themselves tough and worthy by hard work and persistence. Thanks for paving the way for others. Still Prof. Victoria Mwaka is my role model. You have really achieved so much by grooming others. If all of us women groomed others and even promoted them, and start other programs for expansion, Ugandan women would be on the go. Educate a man, and you have educated an individual, educate a woman, and you have educated a community. I recommended Prtof. Mwaka for Vice Chancellor of MUK, but it is an open secret in Uganda all appointments are political. If you don't sing and dance for the President, you are nowhere! it is a shame!FOR GOD AND MY COUNYRY


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